Battery Pack

Rechargeable Power Backup system for DxO ONE

Battery Pack

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Rechargeable Power Backup system for DxO ONE



A genuine DxO ONE accessory, the Battery Pack is an external power backup system specifically designed to fit onto the DxO ONE. The system comprises a cradle with a micro USB connection that attaches to the DxO ONE body (after the camera back is removed); two rechargeable batteries; and a USB adapter that connects onto the bottom of the cradle.

The system provides an integrated battery backup so the DxO ONE never runs out of power. Each included battery adds up to one hour of power to the internal DxO ONE battery (which lasts approximately one-half hour fully charged), so the overall autonomy can reach up to 2.5 hours.

When attached to the cradle, the battery from the battery pack recharges the internal DxO ONE battery, and thanks to the system’s hotplug/hotswap feature, it can be replaced by a fresh battery without interrupting the power flow or the user’s ability to keep on taking photos with the DxO ONE.

Four LEDs on the back of each battery indicate the power level.

The USB adapter included with the kit can be attached to the cradle instead of the battery, and then the assembly can be directly connected to a standard off-the-shelf Power Bank that can be used as a handle for standalone use. This capability provides virtually endless autonomy to the system.

How does it work

How does it work

For maximum performance and autonomy, start with a fully charged DxO ONE, and charged battery pack batteries (use the micro USB cable plugged into the cradle and into a standard power source to charge them).

Remove the back of the DxO ONE to reveal the micro USB port.

Slide the cradle onto the DxO ONE, moving back to front. You will hear and feel a click when the cradle is in place.

To use a battery, slide it onto the cradle bottom from back to front until the front of the battery is flush with the front of the camera.

Once a fully charged battery is installed on the DxO ONE, its 4 LEDs light up to indicate a full charge; as you use up the power, the LEDs turn off one by one.

When detected, the DxO ONE’s OLED screen will first indicate that a device is connected to its micro USB connector, and then will indicate the battery charge level. Now the Battery Pack is ready, and you can use the DxO ONE as usual.

When the battery runs out of power, the camera’s internal battery will still be fully charged, so you can swap out the used battery for the fully charged battery with no interruption in power. (You can also keep shooting before you insert the charged battery.)

To check the power level of Battery Pack batteries when not attached to the cradle, press the back button on each battery to see the LED power indicator(s).

Tech specs

Tech specs

Drop resistance to: 1 m
Cold resistance down to: 0°C (32°F)
Functional temperatures (air temp): 0°C to ~45°C (32°F to ~113°F)
Materials: ABS
Cradle : 10 g
Battery: 36 g (2 batteries = 72 g)
USB Adapter: 8 g
DxO ONE + Cradle + Battery: 157 g
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Cradle: 52,2 x 40 x 25 mm
Battery: 52,37 x 22 x 25 mm
USB Adapter: 52.2 x 22.4 x 24.4 mm
DxO ONE + Cradle + Battery: 55 x 95 x 26.3 mm
Box contents:Cradle, x 2 Batteries, USB Adapter, Soft Pouch, Quick Start Guide, backup DxO ONE back door